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Our Partnership Opportunity

Life Time partnership registration.

Free Music Launch for every single released

Free 100 YouTube Subscribers

About Us

Tune Melody Records Entertainment & Media is a top web publishing company entertaining and brand promotional website we repost true Global News, music, and the most entertaining African’s music, Videos, Sport, Magazine, Business tips & Digital Distribution & private marketing.

Our Goals

we are built to serve as backbone to all upcoming Artist in terms of their music promotion specifically to ease the tension of every music Artist producing songs but don’t have money for promotion or even earn from their songs.

  • Advanced Benefits that will turn your pages and content from boring to “take my money!” riveting.
  • Advanced Benefits like tools to make money on Youtube all international platforms example; Audiomack Plays, Apple music plays, Shazam plays, Amazon Plays Itunes Plays Reverberation, SoundCloud etc
  • Tricks on how to make money on Youtube channels

Other Benefits 

  • A life Time Free Music Promotion on our platform.
  • Free Music Launch for every single released
  • Free 100 YouTube Subscribers
  • Free personal Account created on our platform free of yearly Renewal
  • Free Strategic plans for Making Money with your recorded Songs
  • Goals set for Artist achievement are

    • Placing your song for encouragement | Donation from Fans to generate funds for Video Shoots or to regain money spent for production of songs.
    • Making artist financially free.
    • All payment, Donations in purchase of artist Songs will be paid in 24 Hrs to Artist Bank Account.
    • All Purchase of Artist Songs will be set on notification to Artist mail for Records and Transparency.
    • Artist Must have Principal 20 Persons who are and willing to purchase their songs
    • Artist Song will be placed on the site for purchase for 20 days depending on amount requested by Artist for his fans to make Donations.
    • Note: These price Target is only for the 20 persons set aside for the launch of your music. Examples:
      • Purchase 20,000
      • Purchase 10,000
      • Purchase 5,000
      • Purchase 2,000 for the first 20 Day then returned back to Purchase 150 for the public to download.
    • A link will be generated after uploads of Artist Songs for you to share with your principal Target.
    • Once we achieve the targeted numbers of 20 Artist Partnership other Artist coming in becomes a subscriber which mean yearly there be renewal of their plans on our platform at the rate of 5,000.

    All this can be yours, right now! It’s time to take action now and transform your dreams to reality!

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